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Claw Grabby Store looking cuter than ever! If you love adorable cute products then Claw Grabby Store is the place for you!
Based in New Zealand, Claw Grabby imports super kawaii products from Japan and world wide! They stock plushies, blind boxes, stationary all with a cute theme!

Check out Claw Grabby here! 



Check out Japan Day in Auckland 2018!

Up coming event with lots of awesome Japanese culture stalls, displays and performances!


Breakforcist Game x CuteZine

Designer/Illustrator and Musician visual artist Pete Ellison aka @petehasabeard has created a sweet new app called Breakforcist!

#Breakforcist is the world's FIRST breakfast/exorcism-themed endless arcade-style brick breaker! Use your magic paddle & ball to rescue breakfast from the clutches of the evil demon "Howdy" and get paid like its your job. Enjoy a full original soundtrack accompanied by a pastel nightmare of breakfast debris flying in all directions!

Takeo Kun - My Love Story


Overload Comic and Manga Convention x CuteZine!

Hello! A few years ago I attended the Overload Comic and Manga Convention at the ASB stadium in Kohimarama, it was great fun and there was lots to see and do. This year it is back again with a new venue and tons of awesome guests, artists and stalls! If you love everything Otaku then this is the event for you!

Check out the website here -> Overload Comic and Manga Convention 2016
Buy Tickets here -> Overload Tickets 2016

This year will be the first year that our sister website Claw Grabby Store will be attending this event! It should be another awesome time and we hope you check out their stall! See the website here
-> Claw Grabby Store

Stay Cute!


Kumapop Kickstarter x Donut Ghost Enamel Pins! by Pete Ellison

Check out this super cute project by Pete Ellison - Kumapop! 

Kumapop is a character art agency founded by visual artist & designer named Pete Ellison from Portland, OR. Inspired by his love of character goods and advertising mascots, Kumapop's mission is to spread cute & catchy characters around the world through high quality physical goods, digital goods, online content and brand collaborations.

He is currently running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for some super adorable Dount Enamel Pins!

You can read about the campaign here and donate for the donuts here!
Kickstarter x Donut ghost Enamel Pins


Claw Grabby Store x CuteZine x New Zealand x kawaii products x cute plush in NZ

Hey y'all!

Have you heard of the 'Claw Grabby Store'? Claw Grabby specialise in Kawaii and Cute products and gifts from Japan and around the world!

Here are some of the brands / products Claw Grabby has currently in stock!
Pusheen the Cat, Neko Atsume, Gudetama, Hello Kitty , Sanrio, Re-Ment, Amuse and more! I am always on the look out for cute and awesome things in New Zealand and am excited to introduce this shop! Go and check it out!

Here --> clawgrabbystore.bigcartel.com

So if you are based in New Zealand and want a super awesome gift of treat for yourself you know where to look!

Pusheen the Cat! Famous internet Cat!


In this blog I am going to talk about one of the internets most famous cats, you may know this chubby grey cat from the very popular webcomic 'Everday Cute' none other than Pusheen the cat!
Pusheen began in 2010 and was created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff.  Pusheen the cat has over 9 million followers on facebook and is loved by people of all ages! The simplicity and endearing nature of Pusheen the cat has resonated with fans across the globe, making this one of the most popular cats of today! 


Cutezine x Shymori interview!

Cutezine x Shymori interview!

Firstly can you tell the followers a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Rose I’m 23 years old and Im from the Netherlands. I’m a lover of everything cute and kawaii. Pastel colours are my absolute favourite! 

What work do you produce?

I create tiny clay creatures for my shop called "Shymori". Shymori is a combination of the English word shy and the Japanese word "mori" which means forest. My creatures are inspired by the kawaii culture. They all come from my imagination and are 100% handmade without the use of molds. Their bodies are decorated with tiny ornaments, so small I use a needle to shape and fix them on. One of the creatures I create is a fantasy creature which I call a “momo”. I really love creating them the most because they truly come from my imagination. I also make illustrations of my momos which I use to create stationery and all kinds of other accessories. 

What inspires your work?

The kawaii style is a huge inspiration to me, Japanese design in general is. I love the playful, colourful and cute aesthetics of the style.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese items, even if it’s just a tissue box or a candy wrapper. Everything from Japan is cute! I also find my inspiration in nature. The delicate forms and beautiful colour schemes of flowers give me a lot of ideas which I translate into my work. The idea of childlike playfulness and imagination are very important to me as well. If it was possible I would have wanted to be a child forever. It is also essential to me that something is original, that something truly comes from my own imagination. 

How long have you been creating your pieces?

Shymori is really new, I have only been working on it for a few months now. However I have always been creative. Growing up I lived in the fantasy world that I had created with my sister. We had thought out every expect of this world. We had our own school system, including school books, our own words and a math system. There were books filled with imaginary animals and creatures that we had created. We would make drawings of what they looked like and write about their behaviour. Imagination and fantasy have always been very important to me. Besides the fantasy world I went trough these crafty phases. From drawing, making magazines, creating websites, crocheting to creative writing. I think I tried most crafty things as a kid.

How did you get started in what you do?

Even at a young age I wanted to be a graphic designer. So after high school I applied for a graphic design course at an arts academy. At the arts academy there wasn't any room for the girly and cute things I liked to create. At some points I felt really lost. I didn't know what I liked anymore or what I wanted to do. I was in a rather dark place and I really need something positive and cute! That is when I started Shymori. In my work I try focusing on the cute things, a fantasy from my own imagination. The world is a hard place and there are many bad things in it. I want my work to be in contrast with that, to make myself and other people forget those bad things, even if it is just for a moment. 

What is the cutest thing in your life?

My guinea pigs they are so amazingly cute and funny. I own six little guinea pigs, they are different long haired breeds. My favourite one is Fairy Mist, she has really long wavy white hair and a pink nose and ears. She is so incredible soft and fluffy. Guinea pigs are lot of fun to watch, they make all kinds of funny movements and sounds when they interact with each other. I could watch them all day. 

What are your plans for the future?

-I really hope to make my shop a success so I can pursue it full time. I would really love to turn my momo's in to super kawaii cuddly and fluffy plush toys!  Maybe a kickstarter project will make this possible for me. I’m also looking into printing fabrics for pouches, bags and maybe even clothing. I’m also working on a Shymori website. It will give information about the Shymori world and the creatures that live in it. In short there are plenty of ideas! 

Where can we find your work?

I’m most active on Instagram where I post all my work and I sell my work on Etsy. 

Thank you for talking to CuteZine!


Kleptocats x Cute Zine review

Kleptocats review by Jenna of Cute Zine

Official Game Description -
“KleptoCats are cute. But they have a dark side. They can't stop stealing!!!
But then again...your room is kinda empty. What a CAT-astrophe. I guess your furry friend's frisky paws may be a perfect match to fill your room. Send your cat away to gather items to fill your room with amazing treasures.
You never know what KleptoCats will bring back next.”

Kleptocats is a new game for IOS and Android. I first downloaded this game about a day ago and I am definitely hooked. Cute looking with simple effective game play makes Kleptocats easy to return to again and again throughout the day. What initially caught my attention is the art style, very ‘kawaii-esque’ and ‘chibi-esque.'

This game is free with in app purchases which is a very common structure these days. The ‘in game’ currency is coins and gems, which you collect by playing a bubble mini game, a watch for coins video and of course a ‘use real money to buy in game money’ option.

Kleptocats hit many of the ‘casual gaming’ sweet spots for me, growing up with games like tamagotchi, neopets and pokemon, games that allow you to collect and customise. The virtual pet vibe of this game makes me reminisce about one of my all time favourite games Kawaii Pet Megu (R.I.P Megu)

It also has themes which many people have likened to a current popular game - Neko Atsume, with the whole collecting cats gimmick. Cats are arguably the most popular animal on the internet, so makes sense to capitalise on the trend. I like the story angle in which the cats steal, it is cute and fun - you collect the cats that collect the goodies for your place, a very cute original idea.

There have been a few announcements for updates such as more mini games which is great, updates are always welcome in my book. More features and customising options, this game has definitely cemented first page status on my phone!

I can't wait to see what my kitty will bring me next! And I am excited to see all the new cats that will join me on my new crazy cat adventure!

I highly recommend you check this game out if you are a fan of cute cats!

My Cat 'Peeps'


Cuteaine x Claw Grabby Store New Products!

Very excited about these Pusheen Surprise Plush Boxes, coming soon to our sponsor site 
- Claw Grabby Store! 
Too many to choose from! And whichever one you choose will be a surprise! I am quite partial to the hamburger one and the doughnut one and the ice cream one and the cookie one and the pizza one....

Super excited! 

Pusheen in New Zealand, Pusheen the Cat NZ, New Zealand stockist of Pusheen.


Claw Grabby x My Neko Atsume Momento's List (AKA Collectors Cards!)

Hello, here is a list (not in any order) of momento's I have received from the Neko Atsume kitties!
Comprised of screen grabs from my phone! I still need most of the rare momentos!



CuteZine x Gudetama Lucky Charms!

Check out these Gudetama lucky re-ment charms! 
Soon to be selling on our sponsor website the Claw Grabby Store! 
Check out their other range here! www.clawgrabbystore.bigcartel.com


Rilakkuma Praintable Calendar - Jan 2016

Did you know that the cool peeps at San-x have been creating downloadable and printable month calendars! I just found this out, where have I been all these years!

Click here to go to their calendar page! 


Neko Astume Game Review x CuteZine!

Hello! Welcome to an actual proper blog of me blogging with words!

In this real blog I will be talking about the very popular app game Neko Atsume!

I downloaded this game a while ago but only recently started playing it (as with most games) I didn't think I would enjoy it at first but it was definitely a nice surprise once I got used to it.
So the whole point of this game is to attract adorable kitties to your yard using items that are super tempting to cats. Such as pillows, boxes, FOOD and various other toys and things. Once you have scattered your yard with cat paraphernalia (had to google that word) you pretty much just have to wait until a cat visits your yard.....then you take a photo of it and add it to your cat album.
It sounds a little boring and yeah its not super in-depth but it is interesting and the cats are so darned cute that it does get a little addictive. The concept kind of reminds me a little of bird watching or nature hunts, where you find and log information about your subject.

There is already quite a widespread following and helpful blogs (unlike this one) that tell you lots of information that enhances the game play.
This blog --> How to Play Neko Atsume was very helpful for me, especially the part on how to get more gold and silver Anchovies! (the in game currency which allows you to get awesome items)

I hope that this game keeps getting adorable add ons and extra features in the future.

Ranking: <3 <3 <3 <3 . <
4.5 hearts
(is from a total of 5 possible hearts)


CuteZine x Kawaii Box - October 2015 Review

CuteZine x Kawaii Box Review

Hello! This is my review of the cute and awesome Kawaii box October edition! 
At least I'm pretty sure it's the October box....anyway let's get started! 

In this kawaii box there are a lot of very cute things! 
Here is the run-down.. 11 items.

1x Flan Rabbit plush pencil case
1x Unchi lolly-pop
1x Jewellery seal sticker set
1x Nuo Ying Nail Art flakes
1x Cute Sticker sheet with farm animals
1x Nora Kokkok Roller Stamp set
1x Sushi gummy lollies
1x Neko cat coin purse
1x Green family coin purse
1x Set of 5 - pink elephant envelopes
1x Lolly pop pen
Lots of useful things in this edition. A nice range of stationary and candies. I especially love the rabbit pencil case and the neko coin purse, very useful items, great for school and to keep bits and bobs in.  I like the addition of the envelopes, they always come in handy as I am always looking for envelopes for presents such gift cards and jewellery ^_^

The stamps come with a highlighter pink ink. There 3 stamps with images that say 'very good', 'study' and 'ok' messages. There are also two roller stamps. One with 'have a nice day' and a speech bubble and the other with little pictures of animals. The green purse is great for storing the set once it has been opened.

Overall it is very good value for money and there are some great items, another awesome job from the kawaii people at kawaii box.


CuteZine x MonMon

"Monmon is your friendly monster from Japan! He stocks everything weird and wonderful from the Land of the rising sun. Monmon can find anything Japanese."

CuteZine x Sea Bunnies

((or Jorunna parva - Click here for wiki description))