Cute Online! Kawaii Pie!

Cute Online! Kawaii Pie!

I love this cute little online store Kawaii Pie! Based in Papamoa New Zealand, its great to see Kawaii styled products being sold in New Zealand! Most of the items sold by KawaiiPie are stationary such as stickers, memo pads etc but there are also a few Tamagotchi accessories and Tamagotchi's! 

Price: --> Check out KawaiiPie for new products and prices! 
Where to Buy: KawaiiPie
Made by: Imported from parts unknown by KawaiiPie! (Definitely Japanese inspired Design!)


Cute Artists! Pincnic - Colette Bates!

Cute Artists! Pincnic - Colette Bates! 

Hey Y'all, here is the first Cute Artist (NZ) blog post! There will be an interview with her in the up and coming CuteZine! She is running a competition at the moment - Check it out! 
"Hey all, I’ve decided to run a coloring competition “Design a pastryman!” I want you to show me what your favorite flavored pastry is. Mine is a cookies and cream donut… mmm
There will be one major prize, and several spot prizes that will include your drawing to be vector illustrated by me. 
Ok rules: 3 entries max per person, try not to make it to complicated, all entries must be emailed to coletteabates@gmail.com by March 31st 2012. Entries will be posted to my Tumblr and Facebook. 
Good luck and have fun!"
Pincinc x

Price: Free Entry
Made By: Pincinc - Colette Bates


Cute Things! Fashion Stationary Cupcake Notebook!

Cute Things! Fashion Stationary Cupcake Notebook!

I came  across this little cutie at the Warehouse Stationary (Auckland,NZ)
It is awesome seeing more and more of this kawaii styled stationary popping up, again in mainstream stores, like the Warehouse Stationary.

The 'Fashion Stationary' Cupcake designed note book is A5 sized, spiral bound, hard cover and is lined on the inside. It also comes with a cute rubber (not eraser) 2D cupcake on a chain, which you can attach to the spiral binding, or elsewhere.
I love the design! The cupcake design also is featured on pencil cases, binders and writing equipment. It is produced by Powell Marketing in Manchester, England. I hope they keep producing more cute designs like the cupcake!

Price: $8.95 NZD
Where to Buy: Warehouse Stationary
Made By: Powell Marketing - Fashion Stationary


Cute Products! Dinosaur egg filled with tiny Dinosaurs!

Cute Products! Dinosaur egg filled with tiny Dinosaurs! 

Okay just a little review here, for this little egg, filled with tiny rubber dinosaurs! I love finding random cute things and this is both random and cute! I found it in the stationary section of a store called 'SuperSave' it is a dollar store in my local mall. The dinosaurs inside are not actually rubbers, yes I tried them they do not rub anything out, too many tiny limbs! - hence the randomness.
But they are extremely cute and I have a few ideas for what they could be used for such as
- party favours, office decorations, jewellery (hot glue...you get the picture) a game (like stacking games or pass the dinosaurs) stop motion characters, a gift or many little gifts, the list could go on...

That Dinosaur was headless when I opened the egg! 

If you have any ideas for what these cuties could be used for please post a comment! Rawarrrrr! Or leave a comment on the CuteZine facebook page 

Price: $2
Where: Super Save Westcity Lv 1
Made by: Dinosaur lovers!

Cute Shop/Products! Keeping it Kawaii Swag!

Cute Shop/Products! Keeping it Kawaii - Keeping it Kawaii Swag! My super cute order! 

I just got my order from the very cute online shop - Keeping it Kawaii Yay so excited! After writing a little piece for the blog about this shop I couldn't help buying some of their stuff!

My favourite item is the cutie ribbon card wallet! I purchased the peach one, such a vivid colour! (this photo doesn't do it justice) It is 105mm x 71mm x 8mm (thick) It has 14 spaces, which is perfect for me, I like to keep all the important cards! :p

Another cute item I received is the Cookyshop mouse pad which is 223mm x 177mm x 2mm thickness. It has a pvc top and a rubber base, so no sliding around, which is great! (I am using right now!)

There is also the cute little Mini cat tin! It is 50mm x 70mm x 20 mm, awesome for small little knick knacks, it makes an especially cute button box or earring tin! Oh and you can't go wrong with a super cute cat design! Loves me some cute kitties!

I adore the little image of the girl on the yellow note book! The text says 'Soft as Castella', I googled Castella and it turns out to be a Japanese cake desert (kawaii!) It is 92mm x 127mm x 5mm and is lined on the inside.

The 'little talk' memo notes pad is super cute also! I love that it comes stuck to a little piece of cardboard with the brand name on it! Very cute idea, it reminds me of a sample of fabric, very industry but cute industry! There are 30 sheets and they are 75mm x 50mm.

Okay on to the stickers! 'Akio Girl - wish you smile everyday' is the text at the top of the stickers. There are 35 stickers on the light blue card and 36 on the grey. They both have images of geisha characters and flowers, with pandas,cats and luggage on the grey and pandas, sushi and sandals on the light blue.
Both have single little diamantes scattered on random designs. They have a really good sitck to them as well.

And lastly (my little freebie, thank you Rebecca :p) a very cute little Cookyshop (cookysgirl) card holder!
All very sweet little items and very good quality.

Thank you Keeping it Kawaii

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


Cute Online & Out&About! Livewire games / Tokidoki

Cute Online & Out and About!

Here is another awesome shop, Livewire Games.
I have been to this store many times, it is located in Auckland City, CBD. 
There are a number of products that it stocks such as games (playstation/X-Box/Nintendo) Toys, Collectables, Gaming Accessories and my personal favourite - Tokidoki! 

These two little Tokidoki figurines are sold by Livewire games. I absolutely love Tokidoki! So cute! I love that a store in New Zealand stocks Tokidoki! It's great to see this adorable brand being sold in New Zealand! So much better than paying high shipping prices.

There is Carina - of the Cactus Friends (I like to call her Cactus Cat :p) She is roughly 50mm wide and 50mm high and 60mm long (not including her spikes) and she is quite light weight.

And I also have unicorno from the Unicorno Blind box series.
According to the Tokidoki website, "The Unicornos were once 10 little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magic waterfall. Passing through the waterfall, the ponies transformed into unicorns and found a hidden magical kingdom.The Unicornos live between the magic kingdom and our world."
The unicorno I recieved reminds me of a cupcake or doughnut, as it has a beige colouring with a cute pink frosting maine that has sprinkles on top! I love the cute little tattoo details that she has!

So check out Livewire Games online and in store they have some great stuff!
Made By: Tokidoki 

Livewire Games Queen st
Level 2 Metro Building
291-297 Queen st.
Auckland CBD
New Zealand
Phone:(09) 368-1898
Email: livewiregames@clear.net.nz


Cute Online! Keeping it Kawaii!

Cute Online!

I recently came across this adorable facebook page called Keeping it Kawaii.
Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Keeping it Kawaii stock extremely cute stationary and gifts, from notebooks, to pens, pencil cases, stickers and much more! Seriously I have to stop myself from going on a spendy bender when I am looking through the photos! There is soooo much cute stuff, might just start writing my list now... :p
Check them out!

Price: go to --> Keeping it Kawaii (in NZD)
Where: Facebook (Based in Christchurch New Zealand)
Made by: The bestest people ever!


Cute Things! A - Z Dollar store pencils!

Hey Guys! I've kinda been on a cute collecting rampage over the weekend! I went a bit crazy at the mall trying to find super cute items to do reviews on!

In the A - Z Dollar Store Westcity I found these really cute pencils for just $2!!! There are 12 of them, in your basic colour range. The container is cardboard with a plastic lid, which has a pencil sharpener in it! Score! and it sharpens well too. The pencils are 90mm long and they are a light wooden colour. The colouring quality is a little on the lighter side but I have used worse! The picture on the container is what drew me in, it is a cute little doggy with a bow. It would be perfect for a gift, paired with a note pad and stickers :p

Price: $2
Where to buy: A - Z Dollar Store, Westcity, NZ
Made by: (Made in China)


Cute Things! Budons Scratch N' Sniff Notebook!

Cute Things! Budons Scratch N' Sniff Notebook!

The second notebook is the Budon Scratch N' Sniff. The main accessory in the Budon brand are the little clip on characters. They clip onto other Budon stationary and you can collect them and blah blah blah, I don't care, they are just too cute. I am more from the trapper keeper era (sturdy file case with useful compartments) so little clip on thingies, although they are cute, are a bit gimmicky and in my opinion arn't really classed as stationary.

They do have a range of stationary with the character designs on them which is great! The girl with the ice cream is definitely my favourite character! I absolutely adore this character, one of many in the series, she is so cute!

This notebook is card cover, stitching bound, and lined on the inside (with spacing for the date at the top and the Budon logo at the bottom) And yes you really can scratch (I would advise rubbing) and sniff the images, the smell reminds me of 10c bubble gum from the corner dairy. It is a nice touch but a bit weird, scratching and sniffing arn't verbs I would associate with cute. Also I'm not sure if encouraging little kids to sniff their stationary is a good thing. :p

Price: $3.30 NZD
Where to Buy: Warehouse Stationary
Made By: Budons

Review By Jenna
CuteZine Editor

Cute Things! Hello Kitty Toy Coffee Machine!

Cute Things! Hello Kitty Toy Coffee Machine!

Cute Things is another part of the Cute Blog and Zine. Here is an adorable Hello Kitty Toy Coffee Machine, found in a Pack N' Save of all places!
I have noticed lately that more and more large chains in New Zealand are embracing the Hello Kitty phenomenon! And I am definitely loving it! Buying Hello Kitty products locally is so much better than importing it and paying high shipping costs! Of course there is are a lot of Hello Kitty products on Trade Me and occasionally Mighty Ape (NZ based websites) And one would assume that Hello Kitty stocked in mainstream stores is official, which is great too.
Other chain stores I have noticed Hello Kitty products include Countdown and Farmers. (I hope to post pictures of my finds there soon)

If you have noticed Hello Kitty in any mainstream stores in New Zealand, please leave a post! I would love to know :p

CuteZine Editor


Cute Apps! Pri Pri Marron!

Cute Apps! Pri Pri Marron!


Next Cute App! Pri Pri Marron - Photo Editing / Photo Booth app. 

This is by far the best photo booth inspired app that I have come across. It is $4.19 on itunes (there is also a free version) but it is well worth the money. I have noticed that a lot of the other photobooth apps have hidden charges in them, which can get very annoying. But Pri Pri Marron does not! 
This app has six different style categories, Marron's choice, Natural Party, "YURU", Kawaii, Fukidashi and Xmas NewYear. Its also has five different decoration options which are boarders, stamps, pencil, wand and text. This makes for a huge range of cute to add to your photos. My favourite is 'Marron's Choice' especially the stamps. The weirdest one has to be the 'Natural Party' Stamps (the names a bit kooky) It contains life like and kitsch/scrapbooky images (I heart the squirrel) which add a new dimension to your photo that isn't traditionally crazy sparkly kawaii / Japanese style of photo booth. 

Here are some of my cute Pri Pri Marron Photos


Cute Apps! Mindcard by Onipunks Studios!

Cute Apps! Mindcard by Onipunks Studios!

CUTE APPs Series will look at some Cute Apps Availible for iphones!
First in the Series is Mindcard! Created by Onipunks Studios Inc, this is a very cute app which allows you to show what emotion is on your mind, in a very cute little mind bubble!

Price: $1.29
Where to buy: Mindcard - itunes

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