Cute Apps! Pri Pri Marron!

Cute Apps! Pri Pri Marron!


Next Cute App! Pri Pri Marron - Photo Editing / Photo Booth app. 

This is by far the best photo booth inspired app that I have come across. It is $4.19 on itunes (there is also a free version) but it is well worth the money. I have noticed that a lot of the other photobooth apps have hidden charges in them, which can get very annoying. But Pri Pri Marron does not! 
This app has six different style categories, Marron's choice, Natural Party, "YURU", Kawaii, Fukidashi and Xmas NewYear. Its also has five different decoration options which are boarders, stamps, pencil, wand and text. This makes for a huge range of cute to add to your photos. My favourite is 'Marron's Choice' especially the stamps. The weirdest one has to be the 'Natural Party' Stamps (the names a bit kooky) It contains life like and kitsch/scrapbooky images (I heart the squirrel) which add a new dimension to your photo that isn't traditionally crazy sparkly kawaii / Japanese style of photo booth. 

Here are some of my cute Pri Pri Marron Photos

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