Cute Products! Dinosaur egg filled with tiny Dinosaurs!

Cute Products! Dinosaur egg filled with tiny Dinosaurs! 

Okay just a little review here, for this little egg, filled with tiny rubber dinosaurs! I love finding random cute things and this is both random and cute! I found it in the stationary section of a store called 'SuperSave' it is a dollar store in my local mall. The dinosaurs inside are not actually rubbers, yes I tried them they do not rub anything out, too many tiny limbs! - hence the randomness.
But they are extremely cute and I have a few ideas for what they could be used for such as
- party favours, office decorations, jewellery (hot glue...you get the picture) a game (like stacking games or pass the dinosaurs) stop motion characters, a gift or many little gifts, the list could go on...

That Dinosaur was headless when I opened the egg! 

If you have any ideas for what these cuties could be used for please post a comment! Rawarrrrr! Or leave a comment on the CuteZine facebook page 

Price: $2
Where: Super Save Westcity Lv 1
Made by: Dinosaur lovers!

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Brandi Miller said...

They're adorable! I really like the dino on the display box. So cute!