Cute Shop/Products! Keeping it Kawaii Swag!

Cute Shop/Products! Keeping it Kawaii - Keeping it Kawaii Swag! My super cute order! 

I just got my order from the very cute online shop - Keeping it Kawaii Yay so excited! After writing a little piece for the blog about this shop I couldn't help buying some of their stuff!

My favourite item is the cutie ribbon card wallet! I purchased the peach one, such a vivid colour! (this photo doesn't do it justice) It is 105mm x 71mm x 8mm (thick) It has 14 spaces, which is perfect for me, I like to keep all the important cards! :p

Another cute item I received is the Cookyshop mouse pad which is 223mm x 177mm x 2mm thickness. It has a pvc top and a rubber base, so no sliding around, which is great! (I am using right now!)

There is also the cute little Mini cat tin! It is 50mm x 70mm x 20 mm, awesome for small little knick knacks, it makes an especially cute button box or earring tin! Oh and you can't go wrong with a super cute cat design! Loves me some cute kitties!

I adore the little image of the girl on the yellow note book! The text says 'Soft as Castella', I googled Castella and it turns out to be a Japanese cake desert (kawaii!) It is 92mm x 127mm x 5mm and is lined on the inside.

The 'little talk' memo notes pad is super cute also! I love that it comes stuck to a little piece of cardboard with the brand name on it! Very cute idea, it reminds me of a sample of fabric, very industry but cute industry! There are 30 sheets and they are 75mm x 50mm.

Okay on to the stickers! 'Akio Girl - wish you smile everyday' is the text at the top of the stickers. There are 35 stickers on the light blue card and 36 on the grey. They both have images of geisha characters and flowers, with pandas,cats and luggage on the grey and pandas, sushi and sandals on the light blue.
Both have single little diamantes scattered on random designs. They have a really good sitck to them as well.

And lastly (my little freebie, thank you Rebecca :p) a very cute little Cookyshop (cookysgirl) card holder!
All very sweet little items and very good quality.

Thank you Keeping it Kawaii

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

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