Cute Things! Budons Scratch N' Sniff Notebook!

Cute Things! Budons Scratch N' Sniff Notebook!

The second notebook is the Budon Scratch N' Sniff. The main accessory in the Budon brand are the little clip on characters. They clip onto other Budon stationary and you can collect them and blah blah blah, I don't care, they are just too cute. I am more from the trapper keeper era (sturdy file case with useful compartments) so little clip on thingies, although they are cute, are a bit gimmicky and in my opinion arn't really classed as stationary.

They do have a range of stationary with the character designs on them which is great! The girl with the ice cream is definitely my favourite character! I absolutely adore this character, one of many in the series, she is so cute!

This notebook is card cover, stitching bound, and lined on the inside (with spacing for the date at the top and the Budon logo at the bottom) And yes you really can scratch (I would advise rubbing) and sniff the images, the smell reminds me of 10c bubble gum from the corner dairy. It is a nice touch but a bit weird, scratching and sniffing arn't verbs I would associate with cute. Also I'm not sure if encouraging little kids to sniff their stationary is a good thing. :p

Price: $3.30 NZD
Where to Buy: Warehouse Stationary
Made By: Budons

Review By Jenna
CuteZine Editor

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