Cute Things! Fashion Stationary Cupcake Notebook!

Cute Things! Fashion Stationary Cupcake Notebook!

I came  across this little cutie at the Warehouse Stationary (Auckland,NZ)
It is awesome seeing more and more of this kawaii styled stationary popping up, again in mainstream stores, like the Warehouse Stationary.

The 'Fashion Stationary' Cupcake designed note book is A5 sized, spiral bound, hard cover and is lined on the inside. It also comes with a cute rubber (not eraser) 2D cupcake on a chain, which you can attach to the spiral binding, or elsewhere.
I love the design! The cupcake design also is featured on pencil cases, binders and writing equipment. It is produced by Powell Marketing in Manchester, England. I hope they keep producing more cute designs like the cupcake!

Price: $8.95 NZD
Where to Buy: Warehouse Stationary
Made By: Powell Marketing - Fashion Stationary

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