Cute Products! Kraftbomb Swag!

Cute Products! Kraftbomb Swag!

I usually try to save my pennies when I am selling at events, but I had to buy some cute stuff at the Kraftbomb market yesterday! (I wish I had more money as there was sooo much good stuff argh!!)
Anyway, here are some of the little things I picked up!
Miss Tiki - Heart Earrings $4
(I am also getting a super cute crocheted bone
bracelet made for me- a pink bone with silver
chain so so excited!!)
Bunny Party - Super cute food accessories, stationary and more! 
I got a pink pen for $3 and a hairclip for $2, I really want to get a fridge magnet aswell! Next time!

Rosie Squish - Mini hair bone hair clips 2 for $8
Rosie has also featured in CuteZine!
(I also have a large hair bone too :p)

Cute Out & About! Kraftbomb Craft Market!

Cute Out & About! Kraftbomb Craft Market! (Auckland New Zealand)

If you are looking for some cute handmade things check out Kraftbomb craft market! It is the last Sunday of every month at the Grey Lynn community centre, from 11am - 2pm!
Lots of cute sellers there including Chibi Crafts & Design/Ninja Bears, Rosie Squish, Bunny Party, Planet Rwar, Take Heart, City & Karla and much more! So many cute goodies for so many affordable prices!


Where: Grey Lynn Community Centre
When: From 11am - 2pm last Sunday of every month!
Why? So much cute stuff! Head to Kraftbomb.com for more details!


Cute Stores! Daiso $3 Japan Store Queen Street!

Cute Stores! Daiso $3 Japan Store Queen Street!

I often visit this store when I am in the city, Daiso $3 Japan store (actually everything is $3 plus gst)
Any way, they have some extremely cute stationary and home wares. When I was there last I purchased a letter set (even though I don't write letters, it was just too cute) a note pad and a message card set.

Letter set with paper, stickers and envelopes.
The letter set is 'always together, bear & rabbit' with cute bunnies and bears and birdies on it. It comes with paper, envelopes and stickers. The paper is roughly 195mm x 142mm and there are 10 pieces, 
the envelopes are 97mm x 147mm and there are 6 of them, and the stickers are 15mm diameter each and there are 8 of them.
It would be great for party invitations or to write a nice letter to a friend!

Note pad with 4 different designs and stickers.
The next extremely cute piece of stationary is the notepad! It comes with stickers in the front (which you have to cut out yourself) 4 different designs to write on and a piece of card at the back to stick stickers on.

It is 12mm thick, 105mm x 147mm with a piece of clear plastic over the cover and a cardboard backing. The cover has little holographic hearts on it. There are 120 sheets so plenty of writing space.

 I also bought memo cards with envelopes. There are 10 cards and envelopes with the phrase 'I heart sweets' on the front. The envelopes are 100mm x 65mm and the memo cards are 90mm x 56mm. These would be great for thank you notes or little invitations.
Price: $3.50 each (all items) 
Made in: Japan


Cute Online! Puricute!

Cute Online! Puricute!

Continuing with my latest obsession, here is a website which is extremely cute indeed...Puricute! This website offers kawaii styled photo booth editing to any picture you upload! Crazy awesome!
Puricute have a number of different designers on board, who supply the background images and stamps you can choose from to cute up your picture! Tasty Peach Studios, hh-candy, bekyoot, panda pad and more! My favourite art is done by Ryan Zanfei from Tasty Peach Studios.
All the boarders seem to be landscape which is good if you have a landscape photo, not so good for portrait photos. You can get your images put onto badges for a small fee, which is a cute extra. I think I remember seeing a banner for sticker prints but when I went back to the website it had gone and I couldn't find it :( ah well. There are also some stamps and boarders which are gifs, so its really cute for avatars or you web page / blog. All in all a very kawaii website indeed! Love it!
Here is my quick little example!
(It probably would be better to edit a portrait photo to give
it more of an authentic photo booth look.)
Price: Free to sign up/free to use.
Where: puricute.com
Made by: People who love purikura.


Cute Online/International! Dorky Dino USA!

Cute Online/International! Dorky Dino USA!

The designer for this adorable little brand called Dory Dino is Brandi Miller. She contacted me the other day and was like hey, check out my stuff, so I was like no problem!
Dorky Dino is very, very cute! Dorky Dino's "mission is to create unique designs that will make people smile, and provide a childlike sense of happiness, and to sell these designs on a variety of products with friendly and helpful service."
The style of the designs is very Kawaii indeed, I love the chubby unicorn and the little bunny, I would love  to get my hands on some of Dorky Dino's super cute products! Check them out! 
Dorky Dino Online Presence...
Website: dorkydino.com
Etsy (for international buyers, yes she ships to New Zealand) 


Cute App! Purikura by Nine Software Inc

Cute App! Purikura by Nine Software Inc

In my recent obsession with photo booth apps I am searching the apple itunes store daily to try and find the most kawaii ones available! I came across this very, very cute one called Purikura! I really like this app, I think it is really well done. The images are really cute and I think they are vector art which is even better, so they have a smooth texture to them. There is no blurryness to the app so it has been updated to work with the current iphone ios. I wish it had a few more boarders and images though, but it does have a really good range of fonts for the text (not just one font like in pri pri marron) 
The style of the designs seem very current and it is easy to work with this app, although you can only edit a stamp when it first is placed, if you add another one there is no going back unless you undo all you work. I hope that Nine Software keep developing this app, they are definitely on the right track! Keep it up! 

Price: $1.29 NZD 


Cute Products! First Issue of CuteZine!

Cute Products! First Issue of CuteZine!
Hey, Check out the very first issue of CuteZine here!!


Cute Products! Momiji Message Dolls!

Cute Products! Momiji Message Dolls!

I recently was introduced to these adorable little dolls called Momiji.
According to the Momiji website they are little dolls that are inspired by friendship and kindness, filling life with memories and messages. They are designed with a hole in their base and come with a piece of paper in which you can write your message, place into the hole and give to a special friend.
Even though the Momiji are kind of meant to be used as gifts, I decided to gift myself one :p
I found a store in New Zealand that stock them so I ordered one. It was really hard to choose from all the amazing designs!

I purchased Chihiro which is a collaboration doll between Momiji and Hello Kitty. I picked this one because I like the colour and the design and the name reminds me of spirited away :p
The doll is 80mm tall and quite heavy. It is fairly good quality although some of the painting is a bit wonky and there is some paint residue inside the box.
Chihiros description on the box reads,
"Kawaii Kitty whiskers partying in the moonlight, my friend and me." 
"I like..roof parties and detective novels"
Kind of random but cute at the same time :) I think that the Momiji dolls are super kawaii and a totally awesome gift idea.

Price: $25.99 NZD
Where to Buy: Gifts on Rathbone (New Zealand) or the Momiji Website (they deliver to NZ)
Made in: China
Designed by: Momiji based in the UK

Cute Products! KawaiiPie Mini Note Pads Review!

Cute Products! KawaiiPie Order!

Yay, just received my order from Kawaii Pie! Very excited!
I bought 6 mini kawaii notepads for $10 (or $2.75 each)
They are extremely cute! Great from writing little notes to people or for little presents.

I also got some cute little extras -
kawaii stickers and a lovely note and card ^_^ Thank Nee! 

There are three different sizes, so 2 of each in my order.
Doughnuts/Kawaii are the smallest @ 80mm x 60mm x 10mm - on the back of the notepads it says 100 sheets.
Next size up is the pandas (animal land concert)/sweet dreams notepads @ 89mm x 60mm x 12mm - also with 100 sheets each.
Lastly is the Sweet Town/Kawaii Make Up and there are 89mm x 63mm x 10mm - also 100 sheets each.

So there are a good amount of pages in each, with good thickness, feels slightly thinner than 80gsm printer paper. The note pads are split into two designs on the inside, so more choice of note backgrounds. Oh and did I mention that they are super super kawaii indeed!!!

KawaiiPie has put up some listings on Trade Me for other cute products so definitely check them out!

KawaiiPieNZ Trade Me listings click here

Or to contact visist the Kawaii Pie Website - see the link below
KawaiiPie Website

Price: $2.75 each or 6 for $10
Where to buy: Kawaii Pie
Made in: Japan.


Cute Products! Super Cute Erasers!

Cute Products! Super Cute Erasers!

I love cute stationary, especially cute erasers! But I have always found that they are very hard to use as they are way to cute to rub things out with, thus destroying their mint condition status. Here are some erasers which I have bought.

a. Cute little animal erasers from the Daiso: Japan $3 store on Queen street.
Price: $3.50

b. Pig eraser is from the Smiggle store, in Westcity mall (or from any Smiggle franchise)
Price: $2.00

c. Echidna Erasers from Look Sharp store on Victoria Street in Auckland CBD
Price: Not sure as they were a gift :p There were 4 in a container so maybe $8 - $10

d. Food box erasers also from the Daiso: Japan $3 store on Queen Street.
Price: $3.50

I found on you tube some avid eraser collectors, some with over 200 erasers! It seems that the have become collectors items rather than practical stationary! I guess if you really need to use them you can always buy double ups!

YouTube Eraser Collection by cheekycooky


Cute Products! Baby Princess Peach Toy Car!

Cute Products! Baby Princess Peach Toy Car!

Just a quick look at something I found tonight, Vagabond Games store (next to Livewire games) had buckets of capsules for sale. I was looking through them and found a Mario version of this little cuite and saw that they also had princess peach one so began to hunt through all the buckets to find this!
 It was well worth the search...this is extremely cute and it is a pull back car, even better!

Price: $7
Where: Vagabond - next to Livewire Games - Queen St Auckland NZ
Made in: China - Made by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S


Coming soon..Early April - The first ever issue of CuteZine! Yay! 

CuteZine business! CuteZine Directory!

CuteZine business! CuteZine Directory!

Okay in an attempt at getting my little CuteZine Blog humming, I have dropped all advertising prices and have made the CuteZine Directory free! So if you would like your business listed in the directory just email me jenna.adam@gmail.com!!



Cute Products! Funny Sticker World!

Cute Products! Funny Sticker World!

I loves me some stickers, these little guys in particular are pretty cute. I was referred to them by my cousin who found this brand in a few dollar stores in Westcity. Made by Latech in Korea, they have a wide range of stickers on their website, I think that the website may be wholesale only, but you can find them in the
A - Z Dollar store in Westcity mall (NZ) and I think the SuperSave shop also (downstairs by the post shop)

Funny Sticker World - Super Cute Sheep! 
Funny Sticker World - Princess Snow White
Funny Sticker World - Super Cute Kitties

The cat and the sheep stickers are raised and the princess Snow White is flat. The princess ones come in a series, there are also Alice in Wonderland ones and I think Cinderella.
All have very good stickyness so they wont fall off your school books :p

Price: $2
Where to buy: A- Z / SuperSave stores Westcity or Wholesale from latech.co.kr / Latech Shop
Made in: Korea