Cute Products! Funny Sticker World!

Cute Products! Funny Sticker World!

I loves me some stickers, these little guys in particular are pretty cute. I was referred to them by my cousin who found this brand in a few dollar stores in Westcity. Made by Latech in Korea, they have a wide range of stickers on their website, I think that the website may be wholesale only, but you can find them in the
A - Z Dollar store in Westcity mall (NZ) and I think the SuperSave shop also (downstairs by the post shop)

Funny Sticker World - Super Cute Sheep! 
Funny Sticker World - Princess Snow White
Funny Sticker World - Super Cute Kitties

The cat and the sheep stickers are raised and the princess Snow White is flat. The princess ones come in a series, there are also Alice in Wonderland ones and I think Cinderella.
All have very good stickyness so they wont fall off your school books :p

Price: $2
Where to buy: A- Z / SuperSave stores Westcity or Wholesale from latech.co.kr / Latech Shop
Made in: Korea

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