Cute Products! KawaiiPie Mini Note Pads Review!

Cute Products! KawaiiPie Order!

Yay, just received my order from Kawaii Pie! Very excited!
I bought 6 mini kawaii notepads for $10 (or $2.75 each)
They are extremely cute! Great from writing little notes to people or for little presents.

I also got some cute little extras -
kawaii stickers and a lovely note and card ^_^ Thank Nee! 

There are three different sizes, so 2 of each in my order.
Doughnuts/Kawaii are the smallest @ 80mm x 60mm x 10mm - on the back of the notepads it says 100 sheets.
Next size up is the pandas (animal land concert)/sweet dreams notepads @ 89mm x 60mm x 12mm - also with 100 sheets each.
Lastly is the Sweet Town/Kawaii Make Up and there are 89mm x 63mm x 10mm - also 100 sheets each.

So there are a good amount of pages in each, with good thickness, feels slightly thinner than 80gsm printer paper. The note pads are split into two designs on the inside, so more choice of note backgrounds. Oh and did I mention that they are super super kawaii indeed!!!

KawaiiPie has put up some listings on Trade Me for other cute products so definitely check them out!

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Or to contact visist the Kawaii Pie Website - see the link below
KawaiiPie Website

Price: $2.75 each or 6 for $10
Where to buy: Kawaii Pie
Made in: Japan.

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