Cute Products! Momiji Message Dolls!

Cute Products! Momiji Message Dolls!

I recently was introduced to these adorable little dolls called Momiji.
According to the Momiji website they are little dolls that are inspired by friendship and kindness, filling life with memories and messages. They are designed with a hole in their base and come with a piece of paper in which you can write your message, place into the hole and give to a special friend.
Even though the Momiji are kind of meant to be used as gifts, I decided to gift myself one :p
I found a store in New Zealand that stock them so I ordered one. It was really hard to choose from all the amazing designs!

I purchased Chihiro which is a collaboration doll between Momiji and Hello Kitty. I picked this one because I like the colour and the design and the name reminds me of spirited away :p
The doll is 80mm tall and quite heavy. It is fairly good quality although some of the painting is a bit wonky and there is some paint residue inside the box.
Chihiros description on the box reads,
"Kawaii Kitty whiskers partying in the moonlight, my friend and me." 
"I like..roof parties and detective novels"
Kind of random but cute at the same time :) I think that the Momiji dolls are super kawaii and a totally awesome gift idea.

Price: $25.99 NZD
Where to Buy: Gifts on Rathbone (New Zealand) or the Momiji Website (they deliver to NZ)
Made in: China
Designed by: Momiji based in the UK

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