Cute Products! Super Cute Erasers!

Cute Products! Super Cute Erasers!

I love cute stationary, especially cute erasers! But I have always found that they are very hard to use as they are way to cute to rub things out with, thus destroying their mint condition status. Here are some erasers which I have bought.

a. Cute little animal erasers from the Daiso: Japan $3 store on Queen street.
Price: $3.50

b. Pig eraser is from the Smiggle store, in Westcity mall (or from any Smiggle franchise)
Price: $2.00

c. Echidna Erasers from Look Sharp store on Victoria Street in Auckland CBD
Price: Not sure as they were a gift :p There were 4 in a container so maybe $8 - $10

d. Food box erasers also from the Daiso: Japan $3 store on Queen Street.
Price: $3.50

I found on you tube some avid eraser collectors, some with over 200 erasers! It seems that the have become collectors items rather than practical stationary! I guess if you really need to use them you can always buy double ups!

YouTube Eraser Collection by cheekycooky

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