Cute Stores! Daiso $3 Japan Store Queen Street!

Cute Stores! Daiso $3 Japan Store Queen Street!

I often visit this store when I am in the city, Daiso $3 Japan store (actually everything is $3 plus gst)
Any way, they have some extremely cute stationary and home wares. When I was there last I purchased a letter set (even though I don't write letters, it was just too cute) a note pad and a message card set.

Letter set with paper, stickers and envelopes.
The letter set is 'always together, bear & rabbit' with cute bunnies and bears and birdies on it. It comes with paper, envelopes and stickers. The paper is roughly 195mm x 142mm and there are 10 pieces, 
the envelopes are 97mm x 147mm and there are 6 of them, and the stickers are 15mm diameter each and there are 8 of them.
It would be great for party invitations or to write a nice letter to a friend!

Note pad with 4 different designs and stickers.
The next extremely cute piece of stationary is the notepad! It comes with stickers in the front (which you have to cut out yourself) 4 different designs to write on and a piece of card at the back to stick stickers on.

It is 12mm thick, 105mm x 147mm with a piece of clear plastic over the cover and a cardboard backing. The cover has little holographic hearts on it. There are 120 sheets so plenty of writing space.

 I also bought memo cards with envelopes. There are 10 cards and envelopes with the phrase 'I heart sweets' on the front. The envelopes are 100mm x 65mm and the memo cards are 90mm x 56mm. These would be great for thank you notes or little invitations.
Price: $3.50 each (all items) 
Made in: Japan

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