Cute Store Online! Mighty Ape (NZ)

Cute Store Online! Mighty Ape (NZ)

I love Mighty Ape! It is definitely one of my go to stores for basically everything! Gifts, electronics, games, plushies and more! Lately I have noticed that they are expanding their Hello Kitty section of their online store and I hope that it continues!
I recently bought a Hello Kitty Toy Coffee machine for my daughter for $20 NZD (on sale)

It measures 240mm height, 200mm width and the top side is 140mm, base side is 190mm. There are only about two sounds I could count (some of the buttons are the same sounds they just last longer) and one light on the front which is the 'on' button. The sounds are kind of tinny, like really bad recordings. There are three shot options, but the stickers under the shot buttons are actually labelled 'apples' (so 1 apples, 2 apples 3 apples) and there are also three options of coffee listed in the dial - located in the middle at the front - these are latte, cappuccino and macchiato. All up it is very cute and it is a very popular toy with my daughter - she now makes me coffee all the time ^_^

Soon to follow will be a Hello Kitty Kitchen (hey it really is for her to play with...) which is also for sale on the Mighty Ape website. Other cute products I have come across on the Mighty Ape website have been Mameshiba, Domokun, Mario Plushies, Angry birds, Pokemon and more!

  "Turn the dial to select your drink – Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato. Includes sugar bowl, sugar tongs, sugar cubes block, coffee beans, milk jug, 2 cups, 2 spoons, and frothy tops. Fun light and sound effects. Batteries included (3×AA). Age 4+"
  • Turning dials
  • Fun Light and Sound Effects
  • Pretend Play – makes Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato
  • includes sugar bowl, sugar tongs, sugar cubes block, coffee beans and lots more!
  • Includes frothy tops

Price: $20 (sale) I think it has gone up to $30 sale price now (originally $54.99)
Where: Mighty Ape
Made by: The cute peeps @ Sanrio!!

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