Cute Apps! ToMoTo: Become Cute in one second!

Cute Apps! ToMoTo: Become Cute in one second!

Get cute & funny face in one second! Great tool for self-portrait! ♥ ♪ ♨ ☼
✿ Hold up the iphone to your face, wow....... This app add so lovely hat, glasses, beard, etc on your face, in real time!

✿ Different types of selection, including backgrounds, cute stuff on your head, on your eyes, and above your mouth, etc.

✿ Take photo of yourself, or, together with your friends. This app can detect all your faces.

✿ You can save your photos to the camera roll.

Here is another kawaii photo decorating app, Tomoto, it is a little different from most as the editing acutally takes place on the screen as you take the photo. The options you choose ie glasses / head accessory appears and moves with you as you position the camera. It makes for some very interesting photos and makes the process of editing very simple as you can preset your favourite looks. 
I installed the free version, and the pixel quality seems a bit low if you use the front facing camera on your iphone. Also it comes with limited accessories and you have to purchase bundles for $1.29 if you would like more options. 
All up it is a very fun and entertaining app. 

Price: Free (for the lite version or $2.59 for full  version)
Where to buy: itunes
Made By: Band.2302

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