Cute Stuff! I Heart Kawaii - A range of Kawaii Artists selected by Kawaii artist Charuca!

I recently was given this uber cute book! It is called I heart Kawaii! Being a fan of all things Kawaii this was a very exciting gift. It has a wide range of kawaii artists work and mini biographies. All who have inspired the Kawaii Artist Charuca. This book is a great inspiration to anyone who loves the kawaii culture!



CuteZine Update!

Hey Y'all, just a quick update on Cutezine status.

I have recently had a baby, my second baby girl, so I have been a bit busy. I have also started up a new venture called Chibi Plush and am continuing to make my plushie Ninja Bears for Chibi Crafts and Design. Hopefully I will be making another Cutezine issue in the future, but at the moment I will be making the odd post here and there ^_^

Here is a link to the Chibi Plush blog and Chibi Plush Facebook page!

My Baby Akiko!! >_<

Stay Cute!
From Jenna