CuteZine! Recent purchases/Gloomy Collection!

Gloomy Collection! My gloomy army is slowly growing, I also have a gloomy Kigurumi >_<
From top: 
Gloomy Ninja Bear - Chibi Crafts and Design (My own design lol)
Gloomy zombie Print - Podgy Panda (bought at AK Geddon 2013)
Gloomy Letterset - Spirited Pop (little freebie for some free advertising! thanks!)
Little Baby Gloomy Hanger - Livewire games
Gloomy Hat Auckland Armageddon (few years ago lol)

One of my recent purchases from the EB Games booth and the Auckland Aramgeddon Expo..FINN BACKPACK! 


Cute Out and About! Auckland Armageddon 2013!

Cute Out and About! Auckland Armageddon 2013!

Had a stall at the Auckland Armageddon this year, selling Ninja Bears and my Chibi Plushies.
I managed to have a look around a bit and here are some awesome things I found!

Podgy Panda -

Random Dancy Game -

Mogo and Co -

My Stand - Chibi Plush and Ninja Bears (Chibi Crafts and Design)

P.S I should have taken more photos! Ah well theres always next year y'all peace!

Oh yeah Check out
Planet Rawr and Spirited Pop!


Cute Stuff NZ Graphic Artist Pincinc! and Overload Auckland 2013!

Hey Ya'll, had the opportunity to attend the Overload Anime, Manga and Comic convention this morning. Lots of cool stallholders, mainly graphic artists. One in particular that is a favourite of Cutezine, Pincinc, was especially awesome. 

Pincinc Stand - Overload 2013

Pincinc Stand - Overload 2013

Pincinc Stand - Overload 2013

Some cutie freebies! 

Super excited to see more from this local artist! Keep up the awesome work! 

Who: Pincinc 
Where: Overload Auckland 2013 
What: Super Kawaii illustrations! 

You can find Pincinc on

Some other artists I liked at Overload...

Nico ->

Super well drawn Chibi characters! 

Anddd some other random stuff...



I was recently contacted by a very talented graphic design fro the UK, Amy Crabtree - the brains behind the super cute brand - Cakes With Faces! 

"...I specialise in cute characters, especially food (and cakes!) with faces. I'm also a big fan of Japan, and visited Tokyo for the second time last month, it's such an amazing place. - Amy

Check out her cute design "All the Best Stuff is from Japan" t-shirt, which features as many her favourite things from Japan.

Also her "Cuter with Cat Ears" tee, which glows in the dark!! 

Who: Amy Crabtree 
What: Kawaii graphic designs / products
Why: Coz it is Kawaii yo


Cute Stuff! New Pincinc Earrings!



Cute Stuff! Pincinc Pet Rock Charm!

Cute Stuff! Pincinc Pet Rock Charm!

Hey Cuties! Check out this Cute Pet Rock Charm from NZ Graphic Designer Pincinc! Here is the Pincinc facebook page! Check out her latests designs and current line of super kawaii products!

Pincinc Facebook


Cute Out and About! Hello kitty Cafe Newmarket Auckland NZ!

Yay, finaly, a Hello Kitty themed establishment in NZ!

Hello Kitty Cafe Auckland NZ! 

Had a lovely time at the Hello Kitty Cafe with my 2 little girls, my sister and my mum ^_^ Awesome layout and furniture. The food was nice and so was the coffee. I highly recommend to all Hello Kitty Fans ^_^


Cute Nails! Cute Polish Nail Art Designs.

Eater Nail Art - Inspired by CutePolish Nail Art Designs.

My attempt at some super cute nail art, from the CutePolish nail art tutorials on youtube. 
I especially love the little hatched chick design, super cute and fun for easter! 


Cute Audio! Tokidoki Sol Republic Headphones!

Cute Audio! Tokidoki Sol Republic Headphones!
So awesome I have to share a little post on these little cuties! Tokidoki designed some awsome graphics for the best headphones on the market! Sol Republic v10's!!!
Tokidoki Sol Republic

So awesome, thee end ^_^

Cute Art! Cute Polish Nails!

My new little obsession! Nail Art! My favorite place to go for inspiration and tutorials? Cute Polish - You Tube!
For years I have painted my nails, very basic, one colour stuff, usually bought from dollar store. Only recently have I discovered a whole new community and art form of Nail Art and Artists! Now I am hooked! Its another way I can accessorize my outfits!
So I recommend you check out Cute Polish - You tube vids. They are very simple tutorials and tips on different ways to paint your nails!

Here are some of my attempts... (just learning - some are a bit messy :p)




Cute Stuff! Kimmidoll!

Another recent purchase of mine, a little Kimmidoll ^_^ Very cute little figurine, the come in different colours and characters. I found this one at a clearance shed in Henderson, Auckland NZ for $5 ^_^ They also had some cute stationary which I will probably go back for :p
This kimmidoll is called Emi....


My spirit connects and cheers. You release the beauty of my spirit by sharing your smile with others. Discover the power of my spirit to cheer, connect and comfort.

What: Kimmidoll
Where: The Clearance Shed Henderson (New Zealand)

Cute Ink! Akumu ink t-shirts!

Recently I purchased some very cute t-shirts from Canadian Clothing brand Akumu Ink! My fascination with this brand began after I saw WWE wrestler AJ Lee wearing the Umami Akumu Ink t-shirt. Being a huge fan of Japanese Kawaii art, I obsessively trawled the internet and eventually found a picture link of her, in the t-shirt, to the Akumu ink website!
I immediately fell in love with all their designs and will definitely be be back for more!
(especially if their are more Japanese Kawaii styled designs *hint hint* :p)
Read all about their journey here

Here are my purchases from Akumu ink
Umami tee and White Rabbit tee!
Who: Akumu Ink
What: Awesome T-Shirts
Where: akumuink.com
Why: If you like cute/gothic/punk/metal/kawaii/t-shirts/tattoos then Akumu Ink is for you!


Kawaii Pet Megu Plushie!

My Latest Creation! I am a uber fan of Kawaii Pet Megu!

Kawaii Pet Megu Vs Street Fighter!

Kawaii Pet Megu Vs Street Fighter!

Lol, made this little poster a while ago, thought it would make for a very cute and interesting fighting game!