Cute Stuff! Kimmidoll!

Another recent purchase of mine, a little Kimmidoll ^_^ Very cute little figurine, the come in different colours and characters. I found this one at a clearance shed in Henderson, Auckland NZ for $5 ^_^ They also had some cute stationary which I will probably go back for :p
This kimmidoll is called Emi....


My spirit connects and cheers. You release the beauty of my spirit by sharing your smile with others. Discover the power of my spirit to cheer, connect and comfort.

What: Kimmidoll
Where: The Clearance Shed Henderson (New Zealand)

Cute Ink! Akumu ink t-shirts!

Recently I purchased some very cute t-shirts from Canadian Clothing brand Akumu Ink! My fascination with this brand began after I saw WWE wrestler AJ Lee wearing the Umami Akumu Ink t-shirt. Being a huge fan of Japanese Kawaii art, I obsessively trawled the internet and eventually found a picture link of her, in the t-shirt, to the Akumu ink website!
I immediately fell in love with all their designs and will definitely be be back for more!
(especially if their are more Japanese Kawaii styled designs *hint hint* :p)
Read all about their journey here

Here are my purchases from Akumu ink
Umami tee and White Rabbit tee!
Who: Akumu Ink
What: Awesome T-Shirts
Where: akumuink.com
Why: If you like cute/gothic/punk/metal/kawaii/t-shirts/tattoos then Akumu Ink is for you!