Cute Ink! Akumu ink t-shirts!

Recently I purchased some very cute t-shirts from Canadian Clothing brand Akumu Ink! My fascination with this brand began after I saw WWE wrestler AJ Lee wearing the Umami Akumu Ink t-shirt. Being a huge fan of Japanese Kawaii art, I obsessively trawled the internet and eventually found a picture link of her, in the t-shirt, to the Akumu ink website!
I immediately fell in love with all their designs and will definitely be be back for more!
(especially if their are more Japanese Kawaii styled designs *hint hint* :p)
Read all about their journey here

Here are my purchases from Akumu ink
Umami tee and White Rabbit tee!
Who: Akumu Ink
What: Awesome T-Shirts
Where: akumuink.com
Why: If you like cute/gothic/punk/metal/kawaii/t-shirts/tattoos then Akumu Ink is for you!

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