Cute Stuff NZ Graphic Artist Pincinc! and Overload Auckland 2013!

Hey Ya'll, had the opportunity to attend the Overload Anime, Manga and Comic convention this morning. Lots of cool stallholders, mainly graphic artists. One in particular that is a favourite of Cutezine, Pincinc, was especially awesome. 

Pincinc Stand - Overload 2013

Pincinc Stand - Overload 2013

Pincinc Stand - Overload 2013

Some cutie freebies! 

Super excited to see more from this local artist! Keep up the awesome work! 

Who: Pincinc 
Where: Overload Auckland 2013 
What: Super Kawaii illustrations! 

You can find Pincinc on

Some other artists I liked at Overload...

Nico ->

Super well drawn Chibi characters! 

Anddd some other random stuff...