CuteZine x Paper Cube!

Kawaii paper cube, right click, save as and print! Kawaii Day, all the way!


CuteZine x Kawaii Kawaii Folding Paper Game >_<

Here is a kawaii kawaii folding paper game I designed ^_^ Enjoy for your download fun and print yes. Thank you.

Below are instructions - if these are not helpful, google paper folding game and watch some youtube clips yo.


CuteZine x Kookie Stationary

Hello, In today's blog, I will attempt to do some actual writing...

I love stationary. When I was a kid, the beginning of the school year was always the best part (as was the end too lol) Long lists of stationaries required for multiple subjects, many of which would never be opened or used. I was (and still am) all about lists, especially ones where you can check each item and make notes as to what its purpose is.

Even though I now use a computer 99% of my day, I still love to collect, buy and pretend to use the humble notebook and memo pad.

It is even more exciting when I stumble across creative, original and kawaii stationary items in mainstream stores. This leads me to the new 'Kookie' range at the Warehouse Stationary.
It is super awesome style of stationary perfect for kids and big kid collectors. There are a range of different colours and designs, each with their own characters and descriptions. You can check out all the details on the Kookie Website

The move to this style of stationary is very much to place the Warehouse Stationary in a more competitive market against the likes of Smiggle. I find the Kookie range a bit more engaging with the characters having their own backgrounds rather than just being interesting images.

The designs themselves were drawn by Wellington based designer, Anna Johnstone. It is very awesome indeed that big business NZ is showing some support and love to local designers, I hope that they continue to do so!

Warehouse stationary Kookie!
Anna Johnstone Facebook
Anna Johnstone Website

(Locations and names are all New Zealand Based)

Here are a few photos of the Kookie range which I purchased....(I will definitely be buying more in the near future)


Cutezine x Auckland Fair 2014

Hello! I attended the recent Auckland Fair market on the 7th December. I took a few photos of some kawaii stands! Here are the photos ^_^


CuteZine x Mon Mon Christmas Calendar Dec 2014

Made this kawaii calendar for the awesome peeps @ Monmon! Japanese imported Candy! 


CuteZine x Kawaii Christmas Calendar

Hey y'all. Made this calendar for my daughter and thought that it would be cool to share. 
So click the image, right click, save and print for your very own kawaii christmas calendar 2014 ^_^ 


CuteZine @ Armageddon Expo! MON MON!

Hey y'all.

Over the last four days I have been at the very awesome Armageddon Expo in Auckland NZ.
I had a stand where I sold kawaii plushies (ClawGrabby) and Ninja Bears! Check out my facebook pages for photo madness. It was so much fun and I met so many awesome people!

It was quite a busy weekend, so I didn't manage to have a good look around but there was one stand that I really enjoyed, JAPANESE CANDY STAND - MONMON! So tastylicious! Here are some photos of the goodies that I purchased >_<
I also bought from Mon Mon a Rilakkuma Re-Ment and some food erasers as well as many candies.
Here is mon mon facebook page... --> monmon facebook


CuteZine x Karl Jr Fendi Charm

Kawaii in high fashion - Karl Jr Fendi charm Fendi Fall 2014

Check out this super kawaii charm made by Fendi. (championed by Cara Delevingne) 

It is a replica of the current head designer of Fendi - Karl Lagerfeld. It is made from scraps of mink and fox fur and has a price tag of $1685! (I think that is USD) 

This little guy is so popular that there is a 600 person long waiting list!  I love me some kawaii charms, but this is a bit excessive! 

I might just have to settle with making a mini kawaii version of myself! :p 

Karl Jr - looking a little worse for wear.

Karl Jr Charm - First look on the Fendi Fall 2014 Runway.


CuteZine Review x Atelier Spenser: Kawaii Jewellery and Accessories!

Hello y'all! (*≧ω≦*)

I was lucky enough to be sent a very kawaii gift pack from the very talented Atelier Spenser! She makes extremely cute jewellery and accessories. 

I recently did an interview with her, you can see here --> 

In my very kawaii gift pack I received a purple cotton bow hair clip, 
a clear beaded bracelet with a plastic purple bow, a multi coloured pastel pebble bracelet, two polymer clay hair pins (a doughnut and a yellow heart) and a pair of swirly colourful lolly earrings. There was also a roll of candy love hearts and a 
lovely origami crane in the pack, a very nice addition! 

The hair bow, polymer hair pins and earrings are very well made, very sturdy. I love the pastel colours of the pebbles in the bracelet, which also feels very sturdy and is a perfect fit! The clear bead bracelet is also very kawaii! It is hard to choose a favourite but I am quite partial to the swirly polymer candy earrings!  (ღ❤‿❤ღ)