CuteZine Stickers!

Got some CuteZine stickers made! If you would like some in your shop or for prizepacks / giveaways email me! jenna.adam@gmail.com


Cute out and about! MidCity Arcade Queen Street / AKL NZ!

Cute out and about! MidCity Arcade Queen Street / AKL NZ!  
Just a few snaps of some cute things I saw whilst visiting one of my favourite city arcades! ^_^ 


Cute Stuff! Funny sticker world stickers!

You can find these stickers in most dollar stores (NZ) , I am obsessed with them.
Foods, animals, chibi people! Moustache stickers, so many to choose from! Great for scrapbooks, cellphones or if you just want to use them for decoration on your electronic devices :p


Cutezine! Cute out and about!

Yesterday I visited The Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar. A newly established eatery in the Auckland CBD (NZ). 
Here is their mission statement.....
"We’re a little milk and cookie bar with a huge passion for baking the freshest and yummiest cookies around town. Team our cookies with delicious milkshakes, hot coffee or just dunk them in cold milk like the good ol’ days."
They were super yum! Check them out -->
Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar


Cute Things a happening!!

Hey y'all, 

Just a quick update on how things are going here at CuteZine. I am very busy with lots of projects at the moment - CuteZine being one of them. I am hoping to get some more product reviews up soon and also some shop reviews. 

If you know of any cute thing which you think is super awesome and kawaii, feel free to message me on the CuteZine facebook.

Also I am beginning to gather material for the next CuteZine! I know its been a while so I am hoping to make this one extra cute and kawaii! 

Stay Cute!

In the meantime, here is a cute cat for some visual cuteness!