CuteZine x ChuckTaylor Platforms!

CuteZine hearts ChuckTaylor Platforms! 
I am purchasing another pair of platforms and can't decide which ones to get! 
Just wondering which ones are your fav's? 
All these can be found @PatMenziesShoes Auckland NZ


CuteZine loves Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Animal Crossing is slowly taking over my life!
It has been a few weeks since my review of this game in CuteZine, and it has taken hold of my brain and won't let go! To be fair the game play is a little repetitive but the characters are so cute and I love customising and buying things and selling things so for me it is definitely an awesome game.

Because I am all about this game right now, I ran out and bought some merch.
Because I live in New Zealand, it is not so easy to buy cool things from local stores.
I will be buying some plushies online eventually, but until they arrive I managed to get some cute little phone charms from a capsule machine at my local mall.

Here is what I got...

(From Left)
Resetti, Gyriod, K.K Slider, coffee cup (from The Roost Cafe) Timmy, fossil.

Still need..
Rosie (blue cat) Hamlet (little yellow hamster) Gift and Apple.

I also got some kawaii stickers from the dollar store that the machine was outside of 
(I needed more change lol)


Kawaii Sticker Organising!

Just a little thing I did recently to help organise my growing sticker collection, I bought an A5 clear-file and cut A4 paper in half and put it in the clear-file with my stickers (some loose some in packets.) This is much better than a sticker book, it keeps them in good condition and its easier to look through, rather than a box ^_^ 



My brother and his wife just got back from Japan yesterday, look what gifts they gave me!!!!!
Kawaii Swag - Braixen Pokemon from the Pokemon centre, Pokemon notebook, Hello kitty phone bag-bag and Kawaii stickers!

Here are some photos from their trip, (they went to a cat cafe! woah and they saw lots of cherry blossoms! lucky!)



Pixel Pups - Kawaii Comic Strip by Lauren Prouting

Hello! Here is the latest issue of Cutezine, issue #3! Its been a while in the making, I have made this one bigger, so more content and colour! 
I must make a small confession, I did not spell check, I am not a very good writer, so if something doesn't make sense or there are grammar issues, that is why lol! 
I just love making this zine, because I love to promote awesome people! And I love graphic design! 
CuteZine is busy and bright, just like my life!
Stay Cute!
From Jenna 

You can read the zine here...
or here