CuteZine x Karl Jr Fendi Charm

Kawaii in high fashion - Karl Jr Fendi charm Fendi Fall 2014

Check out this super kawaii charm made by Fendi. (championed by Cara Delevingne) 

It is a replica of the current head designer of Fendi - Karl Lagerfeld. It is made from scraps of mink and fox fur and has a price tag of $1685! (I think that is USD) 

This little guy is so popular that there is a 600 person long waiting list!  I love me some kawaii charms, but this is a bit excessive! 

I might just have to settle with making a mini kawaii version of myself! :p 

Karl Jr - looking a little worse for wear.

Karl Jr Charm - First look on the Fendi Fall 2014 Runway.


CuteZine Review x Atelier Spenser: Kawaii Jewellery and Accessories!

Hello y'all! (*≧ω≦*)

I was lucky enough to be sent a very kawaii gift pack from the very talented Atelier Spenser! She makes extremely cute jewellery and accessories. 

I recently did an interview with her, you can see here --> 

In my very kawaii gift pack I received a purple cotton bow hair clip, 
a clear beaded bracelet with a plastic purple bow, a multi coloured pastel pebble bracelet, two polymer clay hair pins (a doughnut and a yellow heart) and a pair of swirly colourful lolly earrings. There was also a roll of candy love hearts and a 
lovely origami crane in the pack, a very nice addition! 

The hair bow, polymer hair pins and earrings are very well made, very sturdy. I love the pastel colours of the pebbles in the bracelet, which also feels very sturdy and is a perfect fit! The clear bead bracelet is also very kawaii! It is hard to choose a favourite but I am quite partial to the swirly polymer candy earrings!  (ღ❤‿❤ღ)



CuteZine X Disney Tsum Tsum App and Merch!


Disney Tsum Tsum!
(in order to play this game you need to be connected with the ‘line’ app, which you can get on all itunes stores and you can register with facebook, they have other cool games you can play too)

This app is in Japanese as it is from the Japan Itunes store (to get this app see region hack --> scroll down), but it is a fairly straight forward layout, so you can kind of guess what buttons to tap. It’s basically a gather points by connecting as many tsum tsum disney characters as possible. For some reason when playing this game I turned my phone upside down, and found it much easier to see groups to connect together.

Its fun and very kawaii but most of all disney have produced some super kawaii plush merch to go along with the app!

If you don't want to go to all the trouble to get this app, Disney and Line have announced that they are working on a global release version of the game. So it will be in the American/NZ/UK app stores in time. If you do want to get this app scroll down and look at the instructions for the Region Hack...

So some of you may know that I am and was a big fan of the Kawaii Pet Megu app. And a while back I was following a blog called “f**kyeahkawaiipetmegu”. On this blog were many tips on how to get extra content for the game. There is one which I have found to be very helpful to this day is, HOW TO ACCESS THE JAPANESE APP STORE! It is so simple, I feel I need to share this knowledge.
(I know that this hack has probably been around for a very long time, but for me and for my kawaii peeps in NZ, I need to share this info)

Here is a step by step…Region Hack.

Go to the itunes app on your idevice.
Scroll to the bottom of the first page.
Tap your Apple ID (email address)
Tap ‘View Account’
Tap ‘Country/Region’
Tap ‘Change Country/Region’
Scroll right down to the bottom of the window to the icon that looks like this 日本
Tap 日本 - then next
Then click Agree on the Account settings page, then agree.
Under Billing info Tap ‘None’
Scroll Down to Billing address - change the Prefecture to Miyagi and the postal code to  980-0856 (if that doesn’t work just google Japanese prefectures and postal codes and find something that works)
Then click next. This should do the trick and then just follow any other prompts that pop up.
Then go to the App Icon and serch Disney tsum tsum or just Disney and there you go!

To get your account back to your current country just do the same but put in your own details again - such as billing etc

So why go to all this trouble to access the Japan Itunes / App Store?
Well because there are some super awesome kawaii apps that can only be accessed through the Japanese App store which are pretty awesome which I will be talking about more in posts to come ^_^

Until the Stay Cute!

Jenna  ( =ω=)..nyaa


CuteZine x Atelier Spenser Interview

Hey y'all, just got another wee interview here for you, 
this one is with Auckland Designer - Atelier Spenser.


CuteZine X Crafterzan

Check out this interview with Auckland Designer 
Suzanne Denmead aka Crafterzan.

You an find crafterzan at through links...

Tiny Travelling Gallery

A LAST CHANCE TO LEND A HAND. The Tiny Travelling Gallery project is now in its last day with Spark. We are a mere $174 off $3,500. Every tiny bit now goes towards helping getting necessary publicity material together for the events and towards sending it around NZ on return. The funding is an investment in the future momentum of the lowbrow community and a catalyst for more initiatives like this within the wider community. 

Please help us take NZ lowbrow arts to the world, with your invaluable support in this last day (closing 12 midnight). Like the project itself, lots of tiny donations add up quick to something phenomenal. 
Please donate, share, like and be part of it all.


Super Kawaii Ninja Bear
for the Tiny Travelling Gallery