CuteZine x Karl Jr Fendi Charm

Kawaii in high fashion - Karl Jr Fendi charm Fendi Fall 2014

Check out this super kawaii charm made by Fendi. (championed by Cara Delevingne) 

It is a replica of the current head designer of Fendi - Karl Lagerfeld. It is made from scraps of mink and fox fur and has a price tag of $1685! (I think that is USD) 

This little guy is so popular that there is a 600 person long waiting list!  I love me some kawaii charms, but this is a bit excessive! 

I might just have to settle with making a mini kawaii version of myself! :p 

Karl Jr - looking a little worse for wear.

Karl Jr Charm - First look on the Fendi Fall 2014 Runway.

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