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Hello, In today's blog, I will attempt to do some actual writing...

I love stationary. When I was a kid, the beginning of the school year was always the best part (as was the end too lol) Long lists of stationaries required for multiple subjects, many of which would never be opened or used. I was (and still am) all about lists, especially ones where you can check each item and make notes as to what its purpose is.

Even though I now use a computer 99% of my day, I still love to collect, buy and pretend to use the humble notebook and memo pad.

It is even more exciting when I stumble across creative, original and kawaii stationary items in mainstream stores. This leads me to the new 'Kookie' range at the Warehouse Stationary.
It is super awesome style of stationary perfect for kids and big kid collectors. There are a range of different colours and designs, each with their own characters and descriptions. You can check out all the details on the Kookie Website

The move to this style of stationary is very much to place the Warehouse Stationary in a more competitive market against the likes of Smiggle. I find the Kookie range a bit more engaging with the characters having their own backgrounds rather than just being interesting images.

The designs themselves were drawn by Wellington based designer, Anna Johnstone. It is very awesome indeed that big business NZ is showing some support and love to local designers, I hope that they continue to do so!

Warehouse stationary Kookie!
Anna Johnstone Facebook
Anna Johnstone Website

(Locations and names are all New Zealand Based)

Here are a few photos of the Kookie range which I purchased....(I will definitely be buying more in the near future)

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I love things like that and I think it's even more special that it was a local artist. :D