CuteZine x Nonbiri Neko Rilakkuma

So in love with the latest Rilakkuma series 'Nonbiri Neko Rilakkuma' there are so many awesome items in this range its hard to decide what to buy first!

The best place to buy these cuties from (if you are based in NZ) is probably Tokyo Otaku Mode.
I have bought lots of items from here before as the shipping is reasonable and surprisingly fast!

Links after the photos!

All the Goodies! 


CuteZine x NEW Emoji! Burritos and Tacos and Unicorns...OH MY!

Emojis are a daily form of communication for many smartphone users. The emoji list of icons is constantly being added to, almost as fast as the growing list of requests.

In the lastest update - Unicode 8, some very popular images are introduced. To see the full list click here...Unicode8

So glad to finally have a taco and a unicorn! Be prepared for some spam unicorn messages and spam taco! Because unicorn and because taco....

In the next-next update, Unicode9 there are many interesting candidates, my personal favourite being the face palm, which I will most likely be using on a regular basis. 


Cutezine x The Fuzzballs!

Check out this super kawaii brand - The Fuzzballs! It is an animated web comic produced by kyandii.com! They are currently in search of some super awesome people to contribute to their super kawaii kickstarter! See what cute things they are hoping to produce!

--> Fuzzballs Super Awesome Kawaii Shirts, Necklaces and Keyrings! 

Here are some links to their other sites!

Peace Out Cuties! XOX Jenna