Kleptocats x Cute Zine review

Kleptocats review by Jenna of Cute Zine

Official Game Description -
“KleptoCats are cute. But they have a dark side. They can't stop stealing!!!
But then again...your room is kinda empty. What a CAT-astrophe. I guess your furry friend's frisky paws may be a perfect match to fill your room. Send your cat away to gather items to fill your room with amazing treasures.
You never know what KleptoCats will bring back next.”

Kleptocats is a new game for IOS and Android. I first downloaded this game about a day ago and I am definitely hooked. Cute looking with simple effective game play makes Kleptocats easy to return to again and again throughout the day. What initially caught my attention is the art style, very ‘kawaii-esque’ and ‘chibi-esque.'

This game is free with in app purchases which is a very common structure these days. The ‘in game’ currency is coins and gems, which you collect by playing a bubble mini game, a watch for coins video and of course a ‘use real money to buy in game money’ option.

Kleptocats hit many of the ‘casual gaming’ sweet spots for me, growing up with games like tamagotchi, neopets and pokemon, games that allow you to collect and customise. The virtual pet vibe of this game makes me reminisce about one of my all time favourite games Kawaii Pet Megu (R.I.P Megu)

It also has themes which many people have likened to a current popular game - Neko Atsume, with the whole collecting cats gimmick. Cats are arguably the most popular animal on the internet, so makes sense to capitalise on the trend. I like the story angle in which the cats steal, it is cute and fun - you collect the cats that collect the goodies for your place, a very cute original idea.

There have been a few announcements for updates such as more mini games which is great, updates are always welcome in my book. More features and customising options, this game has definitely cemented first page status on my phone!

I can't wait to see what my kitty will bring me next! And I am excited to see all the new cats that will join me on my new crazy cat adventure!

I highly recommend you check this game out if you are a fan of cute cats!

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